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The "Yuck"aneers might sue their fans

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  • The "Yuck"aneers might sue their fans

    That's just too funny.
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    By the way, for people of low IQs: I'm a Raider fan. You'd think the name was a big clue.....

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    Originally posted by Oak

    This is no suprise to me. It's the way of the future for any team with a new stadium and "Club" seats in particular.

    I have club seats and am under the same type of deal. The Broncos have already taken some of my fellow club seat holders to court for this very reason.


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      Wow, that is screwed up. I never knew that's how those things worked.


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        While I understand the legal theory, it seems to me that if a team sues a club holder, and wins, then re-leases it, they are getting the same value for those seats twice.

        That seems unfair. If they recoup the value in court, they shouldn't be allowed to re- lease those seats.

        Ideally, what they should say is that they expect the remainder of the balance in full, and that they would be happy to forward them a list of potential buyers who may be willing to pay for the remaining contract, thus, giving the ticket holder the capital to pay his remaining balance. Because they would rather get their money then have to take a fan to court.

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          Well, its the fans own fault for not reading the fine print. Done deal. Anytime you sign something involving money make sure you read the fine print and the very very fine print. Live and learn.