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I think Ty Law may be headed to Oakland.....

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  • I think Ty Law may be headed to Oakland.....

    Think about it. All the veteran players look to end their careers in one place - oakland. Woodson's contract is a mess and I think the Raiders would probably like to trade him. And the Raiders always try and court players of Ty Law's nature to the team. thoughts?
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    Its possible, but the Raiders are having a hell of a time trying to unload Woodson. So until someone can take C-Wood off their hands, they're pretty much stuck...™
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      Then they will be the bestest team in the whole wide world!


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        I don't know how they could afford it unless Woodson goes, any maybe more.


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          They sure have a problem there with Woodson. If they can dump him though, I could see Law going there. It does make sense to me. Then I'll be a very unhappy Bronco fan. But we will get some killer games here if that happens. We will have some serious work to do!