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Jim Haslett Admits He Used Steriods

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  • Jim Haslett Admits He Used Steriods

    Jim Haslett Admits He Used Steriods

    Jim Haslett, current coach of the New Orleans Saints and former NFL LB, admitted that he took steroids when he played in the NFL. Granted steroids weren't banned when he played, but he implicated that members of the Steel Curtain D used steroids, as well as others. I'm a little perplexed as to why Haslett felt the need to make these revelations.

    Any comments??

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    i was amazed when i read the article man. He blatently accused the Steelers D-line and line backers in the late 70s of being on steriods, and said they were the first ones to use them. Im surprised he admitted his own steriod use as well.


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      I always liked Haslett. Think he's pretty funny. I actually have more respect for him now than ever. Not because he juiced, but because he admitted it.


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        I don't think steroids were illegal or a banned substance under the CBA in the 70's so I fail to see what his accusations hope to accomplish?

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          I remember when Alzado went on TV and said the same thing. He also said that Al Davis would give it to him, and encouraged the whole team to take it.

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