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  • Cleveland Cursed?

    I have never been to Cleveland, so I am not talking smack about the people or the city, but the Sport Franchises there are cursed. The Indians haven't won for over 50 years, the Cavs ughhhhh, lucky they got LeBron, and then you have the Browns. We all know about The Drive, and the fumble, but think about it. Art Modell didn't want to be there and moved the team to Baltimore and what happened, Super Bowl Champions. Bill Belicheck "football genius" "best coach ever" couldn't win in Cleveland, goes to New England and what happened, DYNASTY. So everybody can whine and complain all they want this might be a blessing in disguise. There is no question that Brown, Warren, Ekuban have talent, they are first round draft picks. Maybe they were in the wrong place?
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    Cleveland is not cursed. Browns fans are not the ones calling them cursed. It is rivals that call them cursed. The Steelers and Ratbirds are the main teams claming Cleveland is cursed. The entire Browns D-Line that was sent to Denver were all a bunch of under-achievers. Courtney Brown was injured more than he played. Gerard Warren was healthy a majority of the time however he didn't play well at all. Ekuban was a very good replacement for Brown and I wanted to keep him. McKinley is fairly decent and Myers was another person that underachieved.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

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      How can you not say Cleveland is cursed. Everyone wants to say the Red Sox were cursed. Name one city with a NBA, NFL, and MLB team MINUS NHL that has a longer drought then us in bringing home a championship, Drive, Fumble, Nagy, Justice, Jordan, all of them beat us.


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        Not cursed

        There's no curse..
        The Red Sox weren't cursed either...they just couldn't get the job done up until this past year.

        Same goes for the teams from cleveland...they just can't get the job done. No curse in sight.

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