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Chiefs are about to Sign P. Surtain.

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    hey guys lets bow down to the chiefs D, AFTER they prove that they can stop both the run and the pass.

    Im not going to make comments on bell, or wesley, because to me, this a year for them to prove they are decent players.

    Lets not add surtain into the mix, UNTIL he is an actual chief, ok?

    and WTF is with people posting scores, both pro, and anti bronco? its dumb and pointless, and if you keep hanging onto scores for the rest of the offseason, then you are just proving that you are satisfied with one game, whats the point of even thinking of the other meetings in the future, when you won a measly one matchup?

    IMO, the broncos D will be fine with the addition of a 1st round DE/DT, and an FA DB. Our LB core is one of the best in the game, and will make plays, NO MATTER WHO is playing DLine. Plus the 4 browns players will not all be starting, but they still have high ceilings since their high draft picks, but for all you and i know, they could all flop, or they could all be probowlers, right?


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      Hmm, one expensive CB doesn't make a defense. I think the Broncos are proof enough of that. But, it's the things that we're adding this off-season and you're not that is the game breaker. Every other part of the Chief's D (aside from the foresaid players) is pathetic. At least we're signing some young guys with potential.

      Anyways, I think Ty Law is going to the Steelers (yikes) with the cap room they're getting from dropping Plaxico and Bettis' paycut.


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        Originally posted by 45-17
        Three-year tackle totals of five premiere NFL safeties plus Sammy Knight and Greg Wesley.

        1.Rodney harrison-350
        2. Sammy Knight - 298 CHIEFS
        3. Roy Williams - 265
        4. Tony Parrish - 236
        5. Greg Wesley - 234 CHIEFS
        6. Ed Reed - 232
        7. Darren Sharper - 220
        8. Dwight Smith - 197


        Uhhh. Having safeties with an assload of tackles really isn't something to be proud of.


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          Originally posted by Perry1977
          Uhhh. Having safeties with an assload of tackles really isn't something to be proud of.

          That wasnt the point.....i was fixing a stat for you donkey fans. Now tackles matter especially for our defense. Remeber we didnt have the best of tacklers in 04. Anyways your right tackles arent everything, what does matter is turnovers and guess what, sammy knight has 18 turnovers in the past 3 years!!! 35 turnovers in the past 7 years which is tied second highest in the league.