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Chicago bears make bad decisions

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  • Chicago bears make bad decisions

    hey i live in chicago, im not a bears fan obviously haha...
    AS most of you know they are goin to go with a rb becuase they think its low risk. But everyone i talk to thinks they should pick up williams and or edwards (but he wont be around). the bears could make such an improvement if tehy had musin aside from williams, but they are not very smart in the front office

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    Getting a RB in the draft makes sense considering their rushing production was pretty sorry (Just about as bad as the Rams, wait actually it was worse). I don't agree w/ the Bears going RB in round 1 but being so close to the draft, most of whats being said is sure to be 90% BS. Williams would be a much sounder investment and a great complement to Mushin Muhammad. they could get a solid back in round 2, otherwise thats a lot of cashish tied into 2 RB's (I thought Jones was signed to a pretty large contract last season)...™
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      ya watching the bears is very sad, ya they have no rushing game, but i dont think they realize that streching the field will help this