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Lions new alternate jerseys...

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  • Lions new alternate jerseys...


    another link

    not bad...but not good either...atleast its only the alternate jerseys..

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    Yeah, they're cool.


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      i dont know aboutu you guys but i like them a lot!!
      Go Broncos, Lakers, Angels!


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        the look like the panthers unis...


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          I like'em too...although i love the uni's they've been wearing as well.

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            i dont like them. why do all these teams think they need to have mis matching uniforms? i mean, the worst is when the jags wear teal and black, but now every team is getting these uniforms that look like they just threw some color down in 5 min. i like the old lions unis better, the old falcons, old cards as well.
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              Eh. They added a little bit of black trim 2 seasons go, and that was ok. Subtle. But these I could take or leave.

              Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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              You should check these guys out


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                I like them alright, but the Broncos alternate jerseys totally own them in every way, shape, and form

                I suppose I'll be seeing these in school every day...
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