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Connections with any NFL players?

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    I don't have any connections, but one of my good friends uncle played for the Steelers way back in the day. I forget his name, but I'll ask him the next time I see him.

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      I saw QB Roger Staubach and WR Michael Irvin in a mall from a distance. They were signing autographs and I was leaving the mall by the time I saw them.
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        Originally posted by DeuceOfClub
        Last summer I visited the Raiders section in Oakland penitentiary.
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          Got to talk a few seconds with Lyle Alzado, back in the 70's after they lost to the Baltimore Colts, in the Denver airport about 3 am .....had a bad snow storm coming in and I had to pick up my ex.........had my 3yr. old with me in her orange crush snow suit.....wasn't really expecting the players to be getting off at this gate......anyway, we were THE only people at that gate and I had Jennifer to stand there and wave, most of the players were tired and angry after the lost and the long flight, but Alzado took a few steps towards her and knelt down on one knee and asks her what she was doing up so early ...she got stage fright and couldn't abswer, so I told him.....he gets up to leave and said something about how cute she was.....she said "thank you" and stuck her hand out to shake his hand.....he shook her hand and ran back over to me very excited.......she was more excited about what happen than picking up her mother.....that was all she talked about all the way back up to the mountains.........
          "Go away kid, you bother me"....W.C. Fields