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Portis Getting Sued!

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  • Portis Getting Sued!

    SEE YOU IN COURT: The fight for jersey No. 26 is going all the way to courtroom No. 161B.

    Next month, the District Court of Maryland will try to answer the question being posed in locker rooms everywhere: How much for your number? Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis agreed to pay defensive back Ifeanyi Ohalete $40,000 for No. 26 last year, but after Ohalete was released by the team in August, he accused Portis of stopping payments prematurely and paying only half the sum.

    Ohalete, now wearing No. 25 for the Arizona Cardinals, is claiming breach of contract and suing Portis in a trial scheduled to begin June 7 in Upper Marlboro, Md.

    "It's not exactly the kind of case you see every day," John Steren, Ohalete's lawyer, said.
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    The world is sue happy nowadays.......


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      WOW all of this over a #number.


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        Originally posted by JoviBronco
        WOW all of this over a #number.
        Its not about the number...... it should be about the team name on the front........ IDIOT PORTIS>.....


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          Originally posted by B4Bronco16
          Its not about the number...... it should be about the team name on the front........ IDIOT PORTIS>.....
          Huh ^

          a deal is a deal your damn right id sue for 20,000.00!
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            I'd sue for 20,000 also...but some people are dumb to give that much, but I guess you have to see both sides.

            If you make 5 million a year I guess you wouldn't mind spending 50,000 or something to get the number you want. Then again...who the hell spends $50,000 just for a jersey number

            Some people are just stupid