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T.O. talking his way to Raider Nation?

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    Originally posted by topscribe
    There would be so many "ME" guys there that they would implode as a team in no time. All talent, no chemistry.
    The 2004 Lakers team was the perfect example.


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      There are two problems:

      - Salary cap (already mentioned by many posters).

      - Ego Cap. This is a concept brought by Gregg Easterbrook (Tuesday Morning Quarterback):

      Maybe in addition to having a salary cap, the NFL should have an ego cap. There would be a fixed amount of whining and temper tantrums allowed per team. If a club wanted to acquire a player with a me-first reputation, it would first have to release a whiner on its present roster.


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        Originally posted by dontfeedthenerd
        First wrong forums, but no worries

        2nd, yea doom alright, self destructive salary cap doom.

        The raiders wouldn't have any cash under cap to have anybody. TO and randy would have to play both sides of the ball, and QB and kicker etc etc.
        Yeah they wouldn't even have enough money for his legs lol.