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  • raiders admit

    raiders admit
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    I clicked and clicked and nothing happen, it didn't show me anything....just like my first wife
    "Go away kid, you bother me"....W.C. Fields


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      Copy and paste.


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        Do we have the worst LB's in the NFL?


        Heard John Clayton & a Scout on the radio today killing our LB's. They said we have the worst LB's in the league. Colts had the 2nd worst. Not sure about that but boy were they killing our LB's.

        Also said that Sapp is a "fringe" starter in the NFL now, showed up way out shape and overweight. Sapp is only good for pass rushing situations and a rotation. Should NEVER play end in the 3-4.

        Not sure that we have the worst LB's in the league but I know we don't have enough to play a 3-4.

        I was on the fence last year on this subject but not this year.

        Not sure who our best LB's are but whoever they are they need to be on the field at the same time regardless of postion.

        The DL rotation should be Brayton, Washington, Kelley/Hawthorne and Burgess on run downs and Sapp for Washington on passing downs.

        Our LB's are a bunch of unknowns, Clark had a huge year but didn't get reconized for it, Williams has been injured for the last 2 seasons but showed signs of a soild LB when he plays and Smith is a good pass rusher but not a great run stopper JMO

        Jay Foreman and Danny Clarke are 2 very solid LB's. Add young guns Kirk Morrison, Travian Smith, Tim Johnson, and Sam Williams and you have a solid core. I don't know why they bash our linebackers.

        They are HATERS................they're ALL HATERS!

        Without question our LB may be the weakest area on the team. Morrison and Foreman certainly could be key factors along with Burgess ( if he plays some OLB in the 3-4 ) to improve the overall LB position

        That fool must not know football if he thinks that we have the worst LB'S in the league. I never did like that guy...

        saints have the worst, I think we got a better LB core then the eagles in a 4-3, cant say much for the packers either.

        Saints Yes chiefs No ( they did pick up Dj and Bell both pretty solid LBs)
        I completey disagree with that pencil neck John Clayton, Danny Clark and Formen are very solid and are underrated. Sam Williams is the next Lavar Arrington ( With good stats that is) and Kirk is highly considered a very good LB so watch OUT our linebackers are now officially dangerous

        sam williams aint the next lavar arrington but im sure he'll be fine but our 4 best LBs are 1. Danny clark 2. Jay Foreman 3. Tim Johnson 4. Kirk Morrison


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          i dont know i copied and pasted ill try again

          sorry it should work
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            no the raiders have the worst lb corps we have the best