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  • Doesn't make sense ....

    This one thing that has really been bugging me about the National media and other teams fans.

    The Browns according to the National Media will go 4-12 this year .. or worse.

    The reasoning they give is: Team won't bond and they just suck.

    That reasoning is extremely biased:

    Let's look at the Browns on a position by position basis compared to last year:


    THis Year / Last Year
    Dilfer / Garcia
    Fyre / Holcomb
    Johnson / McCown
    Harris / Harris

    Comments: Hmm .. more of an improvement I'd say. Garcia with questionable backups or Dilfer with backups with experience and in Frye's case a college standout from Akron. Improvement? Yes


    This Year / Last Year:
    Suggs / Suggs
    Green / Green
    Droughns / Jackson

    Comments: Last year the Browns had 2 players in contention to start with a backup that has since been cut and is now on his 4th team in 2 years. Compared to this year where we at least cave an extra solid backup in case of injury. Improvement? Yes


    This Year / Last Year:
    Bryant / Bryant
    Davis / Davis
    Northcutt / Northcutt
    Alston / Alston
    Rideau / King

    Comments: Last Year the Browns had 3 solid recievers and a decent Return specialist in Alston. That's it. This year the Browns have those same solid recievers and Special Teamer along with Braylon Edwards and Rideau. Thus far in camp Rideau has been very, very impressive. Improvement? Yes


    This Year / Last Year:
    Winslow (inj) / Winslow (inj)
    Shea / Shea
    Heiden / Heiden

    Comments: The Tight End position is exactly the same as it was last year. Heiden and Shea together last year were very impressive and caught 54 passes for 539 yards and 9 TD's all together. Improvement? No - it is the same as it was last year.


    This Year / Last Year
    Shelton / Verba
    Andruzzi / Zukaiskus
    Faine / Faine
    Coleman / Garmon
    Tucker / Tucker

    Comments: The offensive line has brought in Andruzzi who has won 3 Super Bowls with the New England Patriots as well as Cosey Coleman who was a guard that helped the Buccaneers win their Super Bowl. The Browns have lost Ross Verba who was a party animal and preferred to party and drink and have sexual escapades rather than train for the season. They also have lost Kelvin Garmon who was just a big bag of fat with little or no blocking skills. So is this in improved Offensive Line? You betcha.


    This Year / Last Year
    HC Crennel / HC Davis
    OC Carthon / OC Robiskie
    DC Granthom / DC Campo
    ST Rosburg / ST Rosburg
    TE Coates / TE Chudzinski

    GM Savage / GM NONE

    Comments: In Previous years the Browns have been run by a college coach that had absolute control of the team. This year the team is being coached by a Defensive minded coach that has won 5 Super Bowls. That is much better than a college coach - this guy knows what he is doing. At OC last season we had an aged veteran coach that was a players coach. He was popular with the players - being soft on them. Now we have Maurice Carthon. Who has been OC for the Cowboys. At DC last year we had Dave Campo - a close friend of Butch Davis' who won Super Bowls with the Cowboys over a decade ago. He is replaced by Granthom who has been DL coach for the Titans. At TE Coach we had Chudzinski who was one of Davis' old college coaches. He is replaced by the BEN COATES. Former Patriots Tight End who is amogn one of the top TE's ever to play. And we also have hired a GM who is known for his great drafting.

    This is just the offensive side of the ball and coaching. Has it improved? All across the board it has. The only place it hasn't improved it the TE position where it has remained the same as it was last season. Yet people say this team is worse than last year? Makes absolute no sense.
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    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?

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    I'm not trying to jump a bandwagon here, but I am looking for those Dawgs to have a solid second half of the season. Perhaps the type of team that spoils someone's playoff chances.
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      even though i am from cleveland.............i wasnt really a browns fan but i have always respect the history they had........i am glad that liar butch davis resign last year cuz he was ruining the browns reputation around the league...............with that said i think the browns will play better (even though i wont be able to see it since i am in school in pittburgh now)i think they will win 4-7 games this year that my opinion................but they will get better in the coming year if they can straighten the mess butch davis had created............
      I support Kaepernick 100%


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        You are the complete opposite of me.

        I live in Bronco territory and was raised by die hard Bronco fans as parents. However I, myself, am a Die-Hard Browns fan.
        The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

        The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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          sorry dawg, but i have to think the "experts" arent too far off the mark. pittsburg should be solid again this year and both cincy and baltimore have improved, much more so than the browns, imo.

          garcia could do more with less than dilfer can, and while edwards gives you guys a solid top three recievers, droughns isnt going to add alot that suggs/green dont already give you.

          you dont mention your defense but as bad as it was last year it will probably be worse this year. i dont follow the browns closely but who do they have on dline now? add to this a whole new system, completely new coaches and you have to expect some growing pains.

          crennel and savage will probably turn the franchise around but i would expect this year to be a total write off. think positive though. you (hopefully) have your qb of the future and a possible stud reciever. edwards and bryant could end up being one of the top duos in the league 2-3 years from now. if one of your backs can become a "stud buffalo", you can get a cornerstone LT in next years draft and a couple other pieces and the future will look much better next year, i think.

          good luck on the season, but i expect it will be a tough one for you. just think "draft position, draft position" and it might be a little more bearable.
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            I didn't add defense because that post was big enough but here is the defense if you want to know.


            This Year / Last Year

            Roye / Roye
            Fisk / Brown
            McKinley / Warren
            3-4 now / Lang

            We Also have Nick Eason, Corey Jackson, Andrew Hoffman, Simon Fraser, Ethan Kelley, Amon Gordon, and Kevin Carberry.


            This Year / Last Year

            Ben Taylor / Warrick Holdman
            Matt Stewart / Chaun Thompson


            Andra Davis / Andra Davis
            Orlando Ruff / Barry Gardner

            Also the Browns are stacked at LB. Have 16 players trying out for 4 starting positions. The list includes ( not including the above ) : Kenard Lang, Jamal Brooks, Sherrod Coates, Kevin Harrison, Justin Kurpeikas, Ivory McCoy, David McMillan, Omar Nazel, Nick Speagle, Brant Boyer, Chaun Thompson, Mason Unck, and Renauld Williams.


            This Year / Last Year

            Daylon McCutcheon / McCutcheon
            Gary Baxter / Anthony Henry
            Leigh Bodden / Leigh Bodden
            Michael Lehan / Lehan

            The only other person of real note at CB for the Browns is Antonio Perkins - the soon to be Punt Returner. We also have Antwan Harris - signed from the Patriots.


            This Year / Last Year

            Brian Russell / Earl Little

            We also have Brodney Pool and Chris Crocker for Depth. Pool might unseat Russell though.


            This Year / Last Year

            Sean Jones / Robert Griffith

            Michael Jameson is also here for depth.
            The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

            The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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              The Browns have improved, but there is only so much Crennel can do with your defensive talent...

              I don't see how you can call your team stacked at LB beyond Andra Davis.