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    You can't go wrong having Priest has the starter on your team unless he gets hurt or something. But IMO LJ could be a starter on any other team in his own right. He has exceptional speed and power just like Holmes and I think he proved that last year. But I wouldn't be worried about having Priest Holmes in the backfield. He's still going to be the same old workhorse we've seen in the past. Not looking forward to meeting up with him this season


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      Originally posted by arapaho
      well preist is preist,,,,he will get you yards as long as he's got the line in front of him,...i guess i would still start preist but put in lj in an increasing amount of plays and see who works out better

      and your right no way does holmes take that to the house,,,,, he hasnt had a 50 yard run in how long? how about forty..or thirty

      but where he shines is in the passing game, something i dont think LJ has down yet
      Youve been proven right. Priest showed that he shines in the passing game, with that 60 yard reception. He got the score on vision not speed, and how about dante hall taking down two guys with one block. Hes dangerous in the passing game, partly for his vision and partly for the attention Tony Gonzales commands down the seam. His running is slacking tho. LJ was average around 5 a carry against washington, while priest puts up a whopping 18 yards on 14 carries. Im concerned.


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        hasn't there always been a question about his heart? I have heard on numerous occasions that he plays when he wants to and only then. I personally haven't seen this but its something I have heard.
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