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What do you guys think about the potential of KC's defense

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  • What do you guys think about the potential of KC's defense

    Ok guys, after week one I want to know what you think the KC's defense has in store for the rest of the season. Keep the following things in mind:

    1) The defense did pretty well for playing in the first entire game together. They are sure to improve as they get more comfortable with the defense.

    2) The Chiefs were without Surtain for most of Sunday's game. When he was in, however, he had a fumble recovery and a 53-yard return on an interception.

    3) The return of Eric Warfield after week 4 will solidify the secondary, at least compared to now. Warfield is not a pro bowl cornerback, but he is a solid cornerback.
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    I think that KC looks really scary. The defense only had to improve a little to make them a winning team. And it looks like they have improved. Combine that with LJ and Priest one two punch. KC is definitely has potential to win the division now.

    But it is hard to judge based on one game. Come back around week 4 or 5 and it will be a better time to measure where they are at.
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      I think Oakland and KC both did the right thing in the offseason. Next to the AFC East, I think the West is the best division in the AFC now (if not the best). If the KC Defense holds the raiders to two or less touchdowns, I'll start getting worried.