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    Originally posted by Jared
    No. A slam dunk is not only a VERY high percentage shot, it counts as a two point basket. The equivalnet of the slam dunk is either the running back who plows through a defneder to score (much liek Shaq often simply muscles his way to the hole), or a big pass to a man who has gotten behind everyne (equivalent of the fast break).
    I know the significance of the slam dunk. What I'm saying is, most of the time it's used to showboat or to emphasize a score or embarrass the other players. It's more analagous to high-stepping into the end-zone, but in this context it fits the bill. If you COULD lay the ball up for 2, and on a breakaway you elevate and tomahawk dunk, I'd say that's not a necessary part of the game.

    No it wouldn't. It would simply change the way the game is played, There would definitely be an emphasis on fundamentals, shooting, and interior passing. It would be a different game with a lot more motion, but it wouldn't KILL the league. The players are doing that all by themselves already.
    Considering the fact that the most well-known player logos on merchandise involve the silhouette of that player dunking a basketball, and that the most popular players are those who dunk well, I'd say the slam dunk is the single most popular convention in NBA basketball to date. But that's neither here nor there.

    Neither is integral. You can win without ever doing either.
    Perhaps I should have been more clear. It's integral for the popularity of the sport.

    I'll admit, this is an interesting possibility, except that the players don't get a share of jersey sales. So why would the promote that?.
    Endorsements? I mean seriously, are you telling me it doesn't help the Chad Johnson AND the league that more people know who Chad Johnson is? I'd be willing to bet the league has already made a chunk of change off of the riverdance hooplah.

    I think it would INCREASE the fanbase, as their are many people who like the sport, but prefer college to the pros for this very reason.
    Since when did 140 million ever tune in to watch ANY college football game? I honestly don't think the NFL wants to trade places with the NCAA when it comes to ratings and syndication.
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