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Antrel Rolle out for the season

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  • Antrel Rolle out for the season

    i don't know if this has been mentioned yet but it looks like he is done for the entire season...too bad for Arizona, their 1st rounder gone for the year.

    ^^^made by OrangeShadow

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    Yeah, they talked about it today on the radio. Hes pissed at the team Docs too, because they said he was fine to go play in the Seattle game after injuring his knee in the Ram game. He broke the knews on the radio here last week that he was going to be out for awhile. He also said "Im going to take my time coming back from this too" because he didnt like how the team treated this whole thing.

    Travis Henry, single handedly taking the class out of our organization.

    Bowlen, you gutless drunk!


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      Well, i guess Tennessee does look a litle less retarded for taing Pacman of Rolle now....
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