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Can Indy go 16-0?

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  • Can Indy go 16-0?

    If there's no such thing as an off week in the NFL, then how come every time I see the Colts they are playing some jr. varsity scrubs???

    So far, they've beaten up on the Ravens, Jags, Browns, Titans and 49'ers. IMHO, Jax was their most difficult opponent, and comparing it to the Broncos schedule, Jax was by no means easy, but it was one of the easier opponents we've faced.

    Indy still needs to win at Cincy, and beat Pitt and the Pats at home, but realistically I'm afraid they can legitimately run the table!!! Or go 15-1, 14-2.

    My concern is that we will have to go back into Indy for the third year in a row and face the buzzsaw known as Peyton Manning in the playoffs.

    1 9/11 @ Baltimore Ravens 24 - 7
    2 9/18 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 10 - 3
    3 9/25 CLEVELAND BROWNS 13 - 6
    4 10/2 @ Tennessee Titans 31 - 10
    5 10/9 @ San Francisco 49ers 28 - 3
    6 10/17 ST. LOUIS RAMS 8:00 PM
    7 10/23 @ Houston Texans 12:00 PM
    8 10/30 BYE -
    9 11/7 @ New England Patriots 9:00 PM
    10 11/13 HOUSTON TEXANS 1:00 PM
    11 11/20 @ Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM
    12 11/28 PITTSBURGH STEELERS 9:00 PM
    13 12/4 TENNESSEE TITANS 1:00 PM
    14 12/11 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM
    15 12/18 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 1:00 PM
    16 12/24 @ Seattle Seahawks 4:15 PM
    17 1/1 ARIZONA CARDINALS 1:00 PM
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    Pats Bengals Steelers or Chargers should hand em a loss, but not all 4. It's looking like they are home field throughout which is horrible for every afc team.

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      I'm more concerned that they will get their dominating offense back eventually and probably right about when they are to face a tougher second half schedule.
      Dominating Offense+Dominating Defense=Superbowl bound?


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        to many tough teams in there for them not to make a mistake. But they will only lose 1 at more 2 games; that defense is impressive


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 I sit here at my desk I am looking at an SI cover from 1998 that is titled "Can Denver win 'em all? - Believe it!" That team didn't do it and neither will the Colts IMHO (although, like most on here, I believe they will likely be the #1 seed)


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            i hate them.....

            thats he easiest schedule in the league. i guess the comminser felt bad for tem and gave them and easy road to try and get to the SB

            big ups to snk16.


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              The way they played against the 49ers there is no way they will go 16-0. A good team would have handed them a loss on Sunday, and unless they get their offense going they will lose a few. I do think though, that they will get homefield which makes the playoff picture kind of ugly.


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                It's a long season. So, maybe that defense will start to let up a bit and give other teams a chance. But, I'm afraid if they play like this the rest of the way this will be a LOT like 1998.

                You all remember that year the Broncos were simply the dominant team in football, won the first 13 games and cruised to the SB. Every once in a while a team is simply better than anyone else in football and just rolls and rolls. Elway and the boys lost that meaningless game in NY when the Giants played over their heads then dropped another meaningless game to the Dolphins, finished the season 14-2 and just crushed everyone in the playoffs as well.

                They did it because no one could stop Elway, Sharpe and Terrell. The defense was as good as anyone and the offense the best.

                The Colts look like that team. Dominating offense that can put up 45 points easily. Combine that with the best scoring defense in the league and no-one else will have a chance.

                If they come down to earth, then other teams may make a run at them.

                But they would be awfully tough to beat if they have home field throughout the playoffs. I really don't want to see the Broncos go in there for a 3rd year in a row!


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                  nope, playing the browns and 49ers doesnt get you ready to play the patriots and steelers, i just dont think they can go 16-0 , then you add in the playoff games they would have to win also...nope i just dont see anybody winning them all.
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                    if you look back in the threads i just posted this about 2 days ago, rather than rant about why you wouldnt reply to my post and decided to start another one, i think they are capeable of going 16-0. i dont think their defense is a good as they appear, they have played weak offensive teams, but their offens is still potent. we might se history in the making this season.


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                      Well, they CAN go 16-0. They have the talent.

                      I don't think they will.

                      Only one team in the Super Bowl age has ever posted an undefeated season, and those 72 Dolphins played a schedule with opponents winning pct under .400 and were 4 point underdogs in the AFC Championship game. Undefeated underdogs? That just shows that even they were considered beatable, as are the Colts.

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                        That soft schedule is ridiculous. But the NFL is a buisness first and they know people want to see offense.


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                          The 2005 Colts are like the 2003 Chiefs. They will go undefeated for a while. Obviously their offense will look fine, but just like the Chiefs their defense somehow looks good. The Chiefs defense looked pretty good the first half of 2003, just as Indy's defense does. Indy hasn't faced anybody worth a damn, and everybody thinks their defense is dominant. I think they will beat the Rams next monday, but the Rams have a good enough offense that they will be able to put up some good points on the Colts and expose their defense as not nearly as good as they look.
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                            They won't do it. They haven't played any playoff teams yet so I honestly don't even know how good they are. They aren't a shoe-in for the #1 seed.


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                              CAN they go 16-0? Sure they CAN. Any team that hasn't lost yet CAN go 16-0. But the question is WILL they go 16-0. And the answer is no.