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Can Indy go 16-0?

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    Originally posted by Purdue Pride
    The Colts are for real I can tell ya that much. Will there defense continue to give up 5 pts a game? Of course not. Thier schedule is harder than most think. They still play New England, Cincy, Pittsburgh and San Diego. That's not easy gang.
    Well no one will be able to prove how easy a scuedule it was until the end of the year when you add up the wins/losses of every teams opponents... but so far they have played 5 games and their stiffest competition has been the 3-2 jags, followed by the (2-2? I think) browns
    I'm not going to lie I hate the Colts with a passion, but they HAVEN'T played good teams yet.


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      Originally posted by Cugel
      Yes! And it would be even Sweeter Justice if Jessica Alba invited me to meet her for a naughty weekend in Vegas. . . but I'm not holding my breath!

      You shouldn't either!
      ROTFLMAO!!! That's funny Cugel. Jessica is a hottie, you definetly get a CP for taste in chicas.......

      Regardless of Indy going 16-0, 15-1, 14-2, or 13-3; I still feel that if we are to go deep in the playoffs, we're gonna end up going through Indy. I'm still shell shocked from the last two years, and that nasicous feeling is in my stomach just thinking about it. I'll just pray that the Broncos have matured and learned from the playoff debachles.

      Also, if we win the division, maybe we can get that first playoff win at home and build a little momentum???
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