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the problem with madden 2004?!?!?!

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    Yes you can design your own plays on the PS2, XBOX and GameCube versions. Madden 2004 is only playable online for the PS2 though. PORTIS' abilities in the game are about right. He won't runover most linebackers, but he will the smaller ones and I love it when he runs over DBs. I play online, and I usually have to run him 20-30 times to get him over 100 yards which is tough online. Madden 04 is awesome, and I can't wait to see what EA can do for 05.


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      right i cant wait to get 05 on pc or gamecube. I hope the screen turns when you scramble like 04 and i hope they keep it so when you hike the ball your passing icons come up right away. That was the best improvement i though from 03 to 04. I hated in 03 trying to throw a quick slant and having to pull up your passing icons first and then throwing it, it took too long.


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        lol im ready to complain,

        problem 1.(lol take a seat)- the challange(cant remember how 2 spell) system is all screwed up, i like how espn has theres where you get to choose what you want to challenge. on madden you cant do that, so you will miss a call.

        2.needed option- pitching back, thats a big part when your trying to come behinde on the last kickoff, it would make the game more exciting.

        3. peoples speed is way lower/higher then they should be, i know lelie is pretty fast but they have him slow on the game.

        4. the computer is to, well, predictiable, you know what they will do before they do it, and they always call a timeout with 1min left in the game.

        there is more but i wont bore you, nemore
        "They should have canceled it," Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis told "That show don't mean nothing -- that show is nothing about us."
        Ray lewis on ESPNS choice to cancel PLAYMAKERS... yeah lewis keep telling yourself this.