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    Originally posted by TXBRONC
    (This just a question.) Have you never seen clips of these guys running the ball? I never saw Brown play, and O.J. was at the tail end of his career when I became interested in football but I they were great players.
    I have seen clips. But clips aren't the same as watching the guy play a full game. To see him take hold of the game and change it completely. That's just my opinon though.

    See I know firsthand that Barry had no support around him, that only made him seem all the better. I don't know that with O.J., Brown, Peyton. You can't get that information through clips.

    Just think, if Sanders ran behind the Cowboys line and had Aikman and Irvin to complement him. What would his potential have been? The fact that he had literally no supporting cast and he still dominated games holds a lot of weight in my mind.
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      Walter Peyton is #1!!!! then is goes to Jim Brown but i think that sweetness takes it!


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        I could go with that.

        You could argue either one with absolute credibility as the best back of all time.


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          Well . . .

          Originally posted by Elway
          I lean towards Jim Brown, to me he just seemed to plow through defensive lines like a machine. Almost unstoppable, like he was a player ahead of his time.
          His best season was 1,863 yards. That was over a 14-game season, the equivalent to 2,129 yards over a 16-game season. He ran for 12, 312 yards and scored 126 TDs, even though he retired at 30 years old!!

          One of Brown's greatest admirers is none other than Gale Sayers, who remarked that Brown accomplished that against teams who consistently stacked their defenses against the run.

          People can argue Payton, Sanders, and even Sayers all they want, but in my firm opinion Brown is in a class all by himself.

          P.S. Sam Huff, famed middle linebacker of the New York Giants, figured out the sure way of stopping Jim Brown: "Mug him on the way out of the locker room."

          This is where I retrieved that quote. It is a great article in Jim Brown, really a good read.

          EDIT: Partly where Jim Brown separates himself is that he had it all. Some backs have power. Some are fast. Some are fast and shifty. Jim Brown had power, he was fast, and he was shifty. He could flat run by you with his mecurial speed, or he could run over you. It didn't matter to him.

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            I really believe that determining the best running back is impossible just as it is to determine the best at other positions. Some backs are, or were shifty and made people miss tackles and some just powered through tacklers. Both got the job done. Some were great as receivers out of the backfield and some had hands of stone. Which style is the best? Which ever style appeals to you I would say.

            If you look at the backs who are in the hall of fame, an argument could be made for nearly every one as the best of all time. I say "nearly" every one because I don't know anyone who would argue John Riggins, Larry Csonka or Marcus Allen as the greatest of all time. Don't take that as I don't think they are hall of fame worthy either.

            If you say that one back "hands down" , or "witout question" is the greatest of all time, you are simply stating your opinion as fact. Fact is, there isn't one single greatest of all time.