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Favre's Hand-off Motion

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  • Favre's Hand-off Motion

    I could never figure out why Brett Favre telegraphs his hand-offs so much. It's like the anti-play-action or something. Brett holds his arm out for what seems like two seconds before the back takes it, giving the linebackers a nice sight-picture of the play developing.

    Vick does it too, and they are #1 on the run, so maybe it doesn't matter. Just looks unnecessary and a bit JV. Thoughts?

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    Thats just the basics they learned. Get the ball out there to avoid the mishandling of the exchange. Putting the ball out there, letting the linebackers see it, also works great for play-action. Watch Manning hand off the ball. He holds it out there all day. But then he'll do the exact same motion on the play action.