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Will Colts Go Undefeated?

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  • Will Colts Go Undefeated?

    Will the Indianapolis Colts go undefeated in the regular season? If not who do you think they will lose to and what will there record be at the end of the year.

    Personally I feel they will not go undefeated and if anyone has a chance of beating them it will be the San Diego Chargers. I feel San Diego has to play topnotch football just to make the playoffs this year and every win is going to be a must. So when these two teams meet the Chargers will be the more aggresive team. What do you guys think?

    IMO, Colts 15-1

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    i feel they will loss next week against the pittsburgh steelers..............GO STEELERS
    I support Kaepernick 100%


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      Originally posted by assassin216
      i feel they will loss next week against the pittsburgh steelers..............GO STEELERS
      would be nice, and I guess i could see a slim chance if Big Ben is playing. Very interested on how Manning handles that Steeler defense.


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        plain and simple, No. They have their division won (unless sumthing horrible happens) so towards the end of the year they will start sitting ppl down so they donr get injured.

        thanx Broncosrule05^^


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          those guys are playing like beasts.
          but i think they may have shown some vulnerability against the bengals. the bengals scored on them, alot. i think as the season progresses, bodies get worn out. its gonna catch up to them. it always does.

          so i say.
          heck no!

          plus i just cant help myself but think theyre soft.


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            Originally posted by Dj_Williams52
            plain and simple, No. They have their division won (unless sumthing horrible happens) so towards the end of the year they will start sitting ppl down so they donr get injured.
            I agree. This is what Dungy will do, but I think it's total BS. Everyone says that it's more important to be rested for the playoffs than going undefeated. The reality is, resting players for the playoffs guarantees nothing. I'm sure we all remember the 96 season. Think about all of the great teams in the late sixties and seventies. Who comes to mind? The Steelers, the Namath Jets (just because he guaranteed a win), possibly the 'Boys, possibly the Packers, but most certainly the 72 Dolphins. Why is that? Their legacy is secured by going undefeated, and always will be. Every year we often talk about the 72 Dolphins. Going undefeated, in the regular season, is a legacy that supasses a Super Bowl win. I'm not saying that if he rests everyone , while undefeated, that he's a moron. I'm saying that if your key players get hurt for the second round of the playoffs, in a span of maybe 2 games, your probably not meant to win the SB anyways.

            With that out of the way. No, I don't think they will go undefeated anyway. Although they should beat Pittsburgh convincingly, Pittsburgh is a physical team on both sides of the ball. Pittsburgh is often very effective with the blitz (the only way to actualy get Payton Manning and the offense off the field).
            Their defense struggled against the only true (this does not include St. Louis) offensive powerhouse in Cinci.
            Going to Jacksonville late in the season will be very testing, with the Jaguars improving offense.
            If San Diego keeps their current pace, their next meeting should be like the last. A game wich SD should have won. Gotta love Marty.
            The games that should realy scare them, are Seattle and Arizona. Seattle is better than people give them credit for. With a juggernaut offense, and a solid defense, they are emerging in the NFC. Many will consider it a SB Preview.
            Finaly Arizona, who will have nothing to lose. They are used to this situation, and have a history of playing like a playoff caliber team against one late in the season. Eliminating the Minnesota Vikings from the playoffs comes to mind.


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              I think the only thing that will beat the Colts is:

              1) bench their starters
              2) injury to Manning

              I think that they could go undefeated if neither of those two things happen.
              Patriotic dissent is a luxury of those protected by better men than they.


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                Yes, I believe they will go undefeated this season.

                I think this is their year.
                The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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                  Frankly, and this is minus any homerism, the Hawks could beat Indy. If they get Shaun goin' like usual, they're unstoppable. Plus, they'll have D-Jack back by that game, and their O is already comparable to Indy's, really...


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                    From a Colts fan perspective, I think the possibility of going undefeated really depends on the Broncos ironically, and the Colts not beating themself as they tried to do in the first quarter against the Rams. If the Broncos continue to win we will need to keep playing Peyton, Edge, Marvin and the other guys for home field. The last thing we want to do is make a January trip to the Mile High City. If you all beat the Chiefs this week I don't see your team being challenged again until you make the trip here to San Diego. As for my Colts, yes I am biased but I feel as Shannon Sharpe said that the only team that can beat the Colts is the Colts. However, one little mistake against any of the teams remaining on our schedule with the exception of Tennessee and Arizona we can lose. It will be fun to watch regardless and being greedy for a 16-0 season I am actually cheering for the Broncos.
                    Manning to Marvin ---Legendary


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                      One more thing. I think Dungy will only totally rest our starters against Arizona. It would be a long time to give the starters off against Seattle and San Diego considering we will most likely have a bye first round. I think if everything is wrapped up by then, and I don't think it will because I expect the Broncos to keep winning, Peyton and the guys will still play 3 quarters.
                      Manning to Marvin ---Legendary


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                        if we beat pitts, there's no stopping the colts. If, I mean IF we lock homefield thruout, the starters will be rested. I'm not gonna lie, i'd love to see my team go undefeated...but would rather see a ring instead.


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                          They will slip up in at least one game IMO.