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Week 12: Unofficial game day thread

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  • Week 12: Unofficial game day thread

    Well we had our game already.

    But some good matchups still today.

    KC, Oak and SD all play plus we get Pitt & Indy on Monday.

    So you want to shoot the bull, talk about the games, or say hello to another poster, here is your spot.

    We are 9-2 and I can relax all day long knowing we have already won.
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    What a great week!

    Here we sit at 9-2 and we get to watch the other poor slobs slug it out for second place, except the Raiders of course!

    This might be my favorite week of the regular season this year!


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      I was thinking the same thing. How stressfree I will be while watching the games this sunday. 9-2 BABY!!!!!!!!!


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        Enjoy your stress-free week fellas because come next Sunday, the stress will be back on full tilt playing at Arrowhead. These divisional matchups always scare me no matter how good we look. And it only makes it worse playing in their house.

        New England, Miami and Washington, do your thing.


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          Yeah, I'm with you Reid... lets have an AFC WEST meltdown kind of week.
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            Sensational week!!!!!!!

            Super exciting Broncos win on Thursday which I got to watch on tv for a change.
            The previous day my soccer team Liverpool qualifying for the next stage of the Champions league.
            Yesterday a win for my soccer team in the English Premiership, and topped off yesterday evening by a dramatic win for the Wales rugby team over Australia.

            My cup runneth over!

            Actually it's empty - going to make some


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              LOL yes. Stress free game day knowing we are ahead of the game this week. The announcers commented about how the Broncos have 10 days to get ready for KC.

              That goes double for us fans. Plenty of time to renew the prescription on our blood pressure meds. lol
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                Should be some good games today.
                I think the Bears/Bucs game will be a good one. That's the early game here.
                SD and Skins should be pretty good. I think we're all in agreement that we want Skins to win that one regardless of draft position.

                I think the Sunday night game is NO/NYJ..... Gee, what a nailbiter....


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                  im workin all day and not missing a bronco game


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                    Any suggestions as to which game I should watch, since we've got the day off?
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                      I just want to watch football.
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                        Ah, it feels so good to have bragging rights...


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                          Wonder what alan might be cooking up for u$ thi$ morning.
                          Egg$ being so expen$ive and all where he i$.
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                            Yeah Jovi, Alan was price gauging us on some eggs.
                            He was charging me his brother the same as everyone else
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                              What are the most important games today?
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