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Who's goin Sunday?

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  • Who's goin Sunday?

    I'll be there with my KC lovin family. Anyone else goin to be in the crowd?

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    dammmmit, i was hopin to hear from at least one other... i'll survive the tailgating grub & drinks as the lone bronco. will likely have some comical pics of the scoreboard & runny face paint when the chiefies go vermeil on the stadiium...


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      The big red Chiefs truck with the facemask on the front in parking lot B-5. Opposing teams fans always come by and take pictures.


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        you're proud of that?! we're usually in the G-20 range...

        despite the outcome, that was the best game i've ever been to. don't know if it was the partying before & during the game, or just the people i was surrounded by at the game. it's been years since i was able to consume that much alcohol & grub while keepin my composure. like how everyone enjoyed the rivalry this year w/o the hostilities & personal insults. cheers to masses yesterday.