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Small World...for Chiefs Fans

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  • Small World...for Chiefs Fans

    This was pretty cool...

    I was in a small bar in east San Diego County on Sunday to watch the Denver game. The guy next to me was very interested in the Chiefs/Cowboys game and was bantering back and forth with the bartender about a particular player in the game. It was pretty obvious he knew the player. After eavesdropping for a few more minutes, it became obvious that the player he was interested in was his son.

    My curiousity peaked, I asked him who his son was. He said it was #69. I don't know the player's numbers, but #69 just so happened to be on the TV at that time and the Jersey said "Allen". In my mind, I went 'HOLY CRAP'. It was Jerad Allen.

    To say the least, it was very cool watching the games with Jerad Allen's father. He talked a bit about his time with the Vikings in the late 70s and how all his boys are very heavy into football. It was a very cool football day.

    And the latest player to be bought for the right price from Boston....

    Johnny Damon

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    That's pretty neat! I like Jared Allen, he's going to have a great career if he keeps it up. Representin' Idaho State!


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      thats is pretty cool...yea Jared Allen is going to have a monster career in the NFL..
      THANKS for sharing...
      Tony G

      The Chefs