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(Larry) Johnson runs like greatest runner ever

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    Originally posted by Medford Bronco
    Agreed GC. Also he needs to block better. Priest was a master of blitz pickup. LJ was shaky and nearly got Green killed a couple of times. He has tons of talent, but just not as well rounded as Priest yet.
    Oh yeah, its going to be his second year of starting, i woudl hope he worked on blocking during the offseason. Even if he can just learn to block decent that would improve him all around drastically.

    That and goaline running. If you guys watched PH at the goaline there was almost no stopping him from scoring withint 3 yards of the endzone. He had patientce whent needed he went airborn when needed. He is possibly one of the best RBs' EVER at putting the ball in the endzone in the goaline situation. Where as LJ is good, LJ relys on his strength to get him in and he gets stopped at times. He needs to shrink his size when running down there.
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      LJ isn't even close to Jim Brown. The closest a running back has gotten to looking like Jim Brown was Walter Payton when he was in his prime. Jim Brown made it look like he was playing with a bunch of kids.

      Larry Johnson is a solid back, but you have to give a lot of his accomplishments to the stellar o-line he has had thus far. I'm interested to see what he can do this year and the year after that.

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