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Wow i hate to do this but thought it would be fun

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  • Wow i hate to do this but thought it would be fun

    After the Broncos who is your (grr cant find right word so I guess I'll use this one) "favorite" AFC West Team?

    Your choices are

    Well i shouldnt have to tell you

    ( Cheifs Raiders Chargers)

    Ill rank em for me

    1. Broncos

    2. Chargers...Maybe because its the nickname for my high school, but maybe its just the greatness of kellen winslow...who knows

    3. Chiefs...i like arrowhead stadium...umm....thats about it

    4. raiders...*shiver* barbers favorite team...weird, my junior highs nickname...went from raiders to chargers...maybe ill end up boise state...

    i know it will be hard

    but lets just see who you pick

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    Chiefs(Always liked Tony, he always sucks against the broncos)
    Chargers(same for LT, sucks against the broncos)
    Raiders(do i even have to answer this, does anyone likes the faiders cmon.)


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      I would say any team coached by Schottenheimer. So in this case it would be the Chargers followed by the Chiefs. In last place would be the Raiders.
      The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

      The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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        Broncos, then . . . .

        Broncos, then . . . .

        Eh . . . . well . . . . looks like a three-way tie for second place.

        I hate them all the same.

        (Except the Raiders worse. )



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          Originally posted by karisrou

          4. raiders...*shiver* barbers favorite team...
          It goes w/o saying, but......he doesn't know ur a Broncos fan right?


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            ya he doesnt know...i like the way he does my hair dont wanna ruin it


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              Rankings for me are based on the annoyance/knowledge level of opposing teams' fans.

              2. KC Chiefs- Fans usually courteous and knowledgable.
              3. SD Chargers- Fairweather fans who can't even sell out their own stadium; unfortuantely, they've got a very talented team which doesn't get much support in the area.
              4. Oakland Raiders- Fans talk WAY too much given their recent record. The whole "rebel"/gang-affiliation thing also makes them kind of scary, rude, and generally uneducated.