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Falcons to trade Vick????

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  • Falcons to trade Vick????

    I think the Falcons should trade Vick because he does not fit in their offense. Matt Shaub has done a great job stepping in every single time---- today he was 9for13 110 yds and a td. What do you guys think...

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    Vick signed a HUGE contract with the falcons last year so they can't unless they want thier cap to be pooped


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      Not only that, but he brings in huge amounts of press and merchandising money.
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        IMHO, one word I can use to describe Michael Vick:


        I will now use it in a sentance:

        "Michael Vick is the most overrated QB in the History of the NFL.""
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          schuab IMO will be starting somewhere else in the NFL next year

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            That's kind of the sad thing for the Falcons, that even IF it was a smart "football" move for the Falcons to move Vick, it would be a huge hit.

            Schaub has been far more consistent during his chances as a QB, and Vick has not progressed much in that way. Also, Vick's supreme athleticism will start to slowly decrease compared to what it has been and he will need to progress with his reads and his accuracy, arm strength certainly isn't a question.

            It sounds crazy, but with Schaub there, Mora has had a big difference in philosophy with Vick lately based on both their differing perceptions about missing the playoffs, and Vick's value is higher now then it would be two years from now.

            It would be a HUGE gamble, but those kind of gambles have to be taken sometimes. You would certainly find a franchise in need of a spart who could add a QB and the Falcons could put pieces around Schaub IF, IF, they truly believe he can get the job done.

            I have no problem with the style Vick plays, in fact, if I were Mora I would probably encourage him to play to his strengths more because they win more when he runs and lose more when they try and make Vick a pocket passer. Plus, for all the money invested, Vick is a HUGE injury risk year in and year out because of his strength being his running ability.

            I'm not sure what kind of trade you could get, and doubt it would be worth the financial sacrifices that the Falcons would have to make. But as far as a football move, if it could net you a high first round pick and more, from a football perspective I think it would make a lot of sense for the long term success of the Falcons.

            I don't think it will happen, but, the Falcons GM Rich McKay is a very good GM and their owner Arthur Blank is not afraid of taking a risk or taking a monetary hit if it means more winning. I had been discussing this same concept with others over the weekend, but still just can't see it taking place very easily.

            Perhaps a good football move but a public relations and financial nightmare.


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              Here is a quote from Mike Vick, plus an excerpt from the ESPN recap.

              "The Falcons had nothing to play for -- and it showed. Michael Vick had one carry, finishing with zero yards rushing for the first time in his career. He wasn't much better through the air, going 15-of-24 for 115 yards, including an interception, after completing his first eight passes.

              "It's not just Mike Vick," he insisted. "I've got other players around me, other people around me -- coaches who are supposed to do everything in their power to put everyone in the offense in a better position. It's not just me.""

              What player in such an important position would deflect so much blame to other players and even the coaches.

              No, it's not just Mike Vick, it is the entire team, but Vick makes the bucks and doesn't put up the numbers.