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Congrats to the Cardinals

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  • Congrats to the Cardinals

    Well another sub-par season.

    A lot of blown games where you had a chance.

    Another waste of some good talent.

    But they did have two receivers each catch 100 balls in Fitzgerald & Boldin.

    I believe the last teamates to do that were named McCaffrey & Smith.
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    they need to get a running game


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      they need everything.
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        They need so many things that it is impossible to make a list.
        It would be longer than Santa Claus' gift list.


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          I liked the predictions about their chances of winning their division


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            I think that if they get a running game, and draft a rookie QB(not nessicarily a high pick, but someone to work with under Warner or something), and get maybe a free agent o-liner or something, the offense will be really high powered. On defense, I can only think of about 4 posities, Bertrand Berry(injured), Darnell Dockett(injured), Karlos Dansby, and Adrian Wilson.

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              They should have kept Jake I'm glad they let him go.