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Jags vs. Patriots

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  • Jags vs. Patriots

    I think it's interesting that the Jags haven't been given any chance to win next week in New England.

    Even before the matchups were set, it has been assumed that everyone wanted the Jags because it would be the easiest victory. I understand that the Patriots have HUGE playoff experience, playing at home and are getting healthy.

    But, the Jags have a great pass rush, are great against the run, have a great CB in Mathis and a strong leader coming back on offense at QB in Leftwhich. And the Jags are a great running team.

    I don't think it's likley that the Jags go into NE and win this weekend, but I think we're all discounting the possibility a little too quickly because this Jags team is BUILT to play tough in the playoffs on the road because they stop the run and run the ball effectively.

    It has gone so far that many people are assuming the Patriots WILL one way or another be in the AFC championship game, and yes they have been playing well of late but the Jags are a very physical football team who could be a team to be reckoned with.

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    Isn't Leftwich gonna play????

    I think hes is.

    BTW, I think the Jags will shock the Pats and get the W.


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      I think people are not taking the Jags because the AFC is so stacked. They have a shot just like every team has a shot. They have a solid running game and a solid defense. I think the thing that's holding them back is maybe playoff experience.


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        The Jags are one of those teams that just arent talked about. They fly under the radar, just like Denver does. That could give them momentum. It will be an exciting game to watch, thats for sure.

        I think either the Jags or Pats have a good chance of beating the Colts in the divisional round. Has a team ever beat another team 3 times in one season? The Jags and Indy know each other really well-but so do the Pats and Indy.

        I could see either team upsetting the Colts. Petyon hasnt taken a snap in a football game since the first half of the Seattle game. I think Marino had it right in thinking the Colts could come in rusty, and whoever plays them have a good chance of winning.
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          The Jags nearly beat indy twice, they are a very good defenesive team, with great running, and some options at reciever(Jones, Wilford, Smith, Williams). I don't see the Patriots making it out of Foxborough.

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