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Biggest Free Agnet bust

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    [QUOTE=TonyGFortheTD] We knew since week 1 that we lacked a good pass rusher.

    Jared Allen????????????


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      David Terrell,,,WASSSSSSSSS UP with him???


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        terrell was never expected to do anything for the broncos

        you cant say moss was a bust because despite having kerry "I dont know how to throw" collins he still ended up with over 1k recieving.

        I dont think you can say KC is the biggest free agent bust because not all of them were free agents....just most of them.

        you cant say that mushin was a bust because he had an inexperienced qb

        I still say smoot was the biggest bust, when he wasnt injured he played like crap. The redskins got the best of that deal when they let him go and picked up springs
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          Originally posted by watchthemiddle
          I don't know if it was KC's defense or scheme. They look like they have a decent D on paper, but as it turned out thats not good enough.
          We lacked a pass rusher on the opposite side of Allen and good DT's. I don't even have to go in discussion about Hicks and we didn't have Sims for most of the season.

          Jared Allen can't run the entire D-Line by himself.


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            But what about those 2 fish you brought in
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              They work in the secondary. It doesn't matter how good of a safety or a CB you are, it's hard to defend against the pass when the opponents QB has all the time in the world to throw the ball.

              Bledsoe and Manning had enough time to sit down, smoke a cigarette, watch an episode of Leave it to Beaver and make the pass before they had pressure on them. Eric Hicks has played against the Broncos in Denver for several years and still can't figure it out.

              As for Knight and Surtain, it's hard to judge them when the D-Line wasn't doing their jobs properly.