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gr8 back-up qb visiting denver

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    all of u r getting to hyped up on volek. we only saw him start one game. Last year Doug Johnson had a great game filling in for Vick, every body thought he would step up this year but look what happened to him.

    one start is by no means a way of judging how good an nfl player is. i.e Q. not tryin to dis Q (or start up another Q vs. Portis thread for that matter) one game he had 136 yards and ran past everybody, the next game he had 70 yards. one of them was a fluke, we dont know which one.

    Same goes for Volek, was that a fluke?
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      "Volek's agent, Ken Staninger, said a backup role is not what his client is seeking but acknowledged he hasn't found the ideal situation yet."

      Here's a link for the full story: Volek

      scratch him off the list.

      Nuff said...

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