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  • Teddi Bruschi Book

    I know a lot of people do not like the Pats that much here. (They get under my skin, but I respect what they have done)

    Teddi Brushi who has overcome a lot is going to have a book come out during football season written by Michael Holley, who wrote Patroit Reign, which was excellent by the way.

    This guy is a class act and an excellent player. It is hard to not respect someone who has overcome a stroke to come back to play in the NFL. I do believe this will be an excellent book for all football fans.
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    What Tedy Bruschi has accomplished is nothing short of miraculous. Every Patriots fan was extremely worried when he returned from his serious stroke and hoped he made the right decision for himself and his family.

    I guess he did. The Patriots defense looked extremely mediocre before he returned last year and he helped to turn things around immediately. He’s an extremely intelligent player and a leader both on and off the field. I suspect Tedy will make an excellent NFL coach after his playing days are over.

    {I’m also very grateful to Bill Parcels for originally drafting him}


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      Tedy Bruschi is just pure class, a great linebacker, and a tremendous competitor. To come back from his stroke and play like he did is incredible, spectacular athlete, and an unbelievable individual, I'm very happy for him!!!


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        Bruschi single-handedly stopped the slaughter of baby fur seals and then refused to be filmed doing it. That's just the kind of guy he is.

        "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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          I watched Tedy Bruschi all the way through college since he played for the University of Arizona, right here in Tucson. Not only was Tedy probably the finest defensive lineman ever to take the UA field, but he showed himself to be a gentleman and a good citizen all the way through school. He was the life, the heart and soul, of his college team, just as he has been for his professional team. When it comes to his alma mater, Tedy bleeds cardinal and blue. As UA fans, we can lay as much claim to him as any Pats fan.

          I am proud to say I am a Tedy Bruschi fan.