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Will a woman ever play in the NFL?

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    Originally posted by champbronc2
    I object to women refs because women are more emotional and SOME not ALL would be bias.

    Absurdly sexist.

    A ref only needs to know the rules of the game and be able to recognize infractions. It doesn't matter what sport it is.

    I fail to see how a woman's brain is less capable of that than a man's. Please offer me something to back up your supposition.

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      Originally posted by ChrisKamanowns
      I say it could happen unless the world as become sexist again.... women place kickers, punter, cheerleaders on the bench..i dunno lol

      Alright!!! A fellow Clipper/Bronco fan


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        Originally posted by Return of Lava

        i know you werent being funny

        but "raging hard on's"
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          Back when I was in little league I played for what was State teams, if anyone remembers when they did that. They pulled the best midget athletes and it turned into a farse, lasted but a few years. Anyways I played for the Alabama Rams and yes the uniforms looked like the St. Louis Rams old unis'. But we ended up going against the Florida State Seminals in the Southern Playoffs, their quarterback was a girl, back then I thought she was cute, she was not big at all, real toothpick actually. Anyways she lit us up like she was an all pro, she ran for 40 some odd yards and passed for over 200 yards, in a midget football game? She handed us our worse loss, and I never forgot that. I remember when girls started wrestling collegiate style in High Schools, I watched this little gal tear it up to the State Tournament. They have the ability, but just like black athletes and coaches, well the league is still ran with some bias base. Give it a decade and I think we may see the revolution of co-ed pro sports.


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            It is a matter of time until some genetic freak comes along. It has happened in all sports, golf, auto racing, basketball.

            I remember the days when Negroes were not allowed on some teams.

            It has not been to many years ago that Negroes were to dumb to play QB.

            And no telling where the courts system will take us down the road with the equality thingy.

            It will happen it is just a matter of when.


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              Originally posted by alwilson91
              Well, the Raiders have a team full of women but they aren't too effective!!!
              I find this comment offensive because it is a lie. They are all transvestites