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Worst team in NFL?

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    Re: My top five

    Originally posted by elwaymvp
    For this season, my top five would have to be:

    1. Oakland
    2. Arizona
    3. Cleveland
    4. Houston
    5. San Francisco (that is just too funny!)

    Cincinatti didn't make it this year, just because they might go to the Playoffs (theoretically). However, I do remember the 2000 season when they went 1-15...
    I still think you need Detroit in this list...
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      I'm gonna go with the Raiders in being the worst team right now. And I must say, the silence in Los Angeles right now is glorious...all the little raider fans have retreated to their caves....
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        Originally posted by Javalon
        Actually, as I mentioned in the thread right before yours, the Chargers went 1-15 in 2000.
        With, of course, the one victory coming against the Warren Moon-led Chiefs.
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          Originally posted by ReasonableChief
          With, of course, the one victory coming against the Warren Moon-led Chiefs.
          Ouch, I didn't remember that. You shouldn't have mentioned that, ReasonableChief, I doubt any of us would have remembered. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the Raiders had been the team to give them their only win.
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            Worst team in NFL=Raiders

            It feels sooooo good to say that!