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Top 4 Upset teams this year?

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    Originally posted by GridironChamp
    Yeah, but both improved thier offense this year

    True, but how many times have the Redskins brought in huge names and still come up short?
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      1. Miami - Getting Daunte Culpepper was huge and will make them a legit playoff contender for years to come (as long as he stays healthy). Their offense will be explosive and their defense will be solid. However, I think they're draft was just average ; Jason Allen will be a bust - this is my logic:

      2. Arizona - Their offense however their offensive line is still patchy. They have playmakers on defense as well (Adrian Wilson, Karlos Dansby, and Bert Berry most notably).

      3. Dallas - T.O. is a ticking time-bomb that will go off, but for this upcoming season he makes the Cowboys very dangerous. Their defense has all the pieces in place to be great, and I'll go out on a limb and say that DeMarcus Ware will be the next L.T.

      4. Baltimore - Steve McNair stabilizes a position that has always been shaky in the short history of the Ravens. Their defense is still good but not dominant like it was in 2000. Can Ray Lewis still play at a pro-bowl level? I think so, especially with the huge Ngata to keep blockers off of him. The AFC North will be ultra-competitive this year and I think the Ravens have a good chance to win that division.


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        I definitely think that Miami is the #1 suprise team to watch, but it depends on how Culpepper rebounds.

        I think Baltimore is up there too if McNair can stay healthy.

        The Cardinals added some weapons, but who's the qb for the season?

        Even though they did make the playoffs last year, I see the NY Giants as a real threat to go all the way. They addressed all their weaknesses, and even made some of their strengths even stronger points of the team! I think the biggest question is can Eli continue to improve and take steps forward.

        Who would have thunk it...all the teams listed, imo, are all gonna go the way of their qbs!

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          Bills - If they had a QB, i'd say they make the playoffs with ease, however with Holcomb and Losman, things don't look good. They have a great D, Evans can be a #1 WR I think.

          Texans - Destructive offense(Carr, Davis, Johnson, Moulds), and a very solid D(Dunta Robinson, Super Mario, Sam Cowart, DeMeco Ryans)

          Falcons - It may not be a surprise, but so many like to write this team off, and I honestly believe they'll be in the Super Bowl for the NFC.

          Everything else has been over talked. Cardinals, yes they have the pieces in place, Miami won't surprise too many, etc...
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              -Ravens (McNair transforms a team with an already great defense and numerous weapons on offense into instant contenders, that is if he can play a full season which he has not done in some time.)

              -Steelers (Not as good as everyone thinks, Ben is now a ? ... Bengals will win division again, that is assuming they can keep the majority of their players from behind bars for most of the season. )

              -Dallas (Most everyone think that Owens will elevate the Cowboys to where they need to be...I, on the other hand - believe that he will implode midway through the season and take the whole teams playoff dreams with him.)

              -Texans (This is a reach, but I think that Kub will take them from the worst record in the NFL to third in AFC South...just a guess though.)


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                I'll do two of each

                Suprisingly Good?

                Philadelphia - I'm not sure how much of a suprise this is but I consider Philadelphia, Carolina, and Seattle to be the top three in the conference still. Their questions at reciever have been there nearly every year. I'm really excited about Gaffney getting a chance to play in a more open system as well. The main issue I have isn't the linebackers, or wide recievers, it's interior push on the offensive line. Westbrook can run through the middle in our opinion, anyone can however Artis Hicks and Fraley were borderline awful last year. We'll see if Jackson and Herremenans are better.

                Green Bay - I don't think there a contender but I do think they may be close to a wild card, I never believed they were as bad as last year or that the bears were as good based on film, and player evaluations. The Bears overplayed for their talent, the Pack under. The offensive line suffered because of two big departures but they still retain two top 10 tackles on each side. The recievers arent stellar but both are very solid. Most of this comes down to the secondarys play in my mind. I'd say that linebacker would be more of an issue however the tight ends in that division are less than stellar and if the offense can get back in flow it should help with the run defense issues.


                Dolphins - Every year a team gets overhyped like this and this year I believe its the Dolphins. They may get a wwildcard but I would be very suprised and shocked if they took the division title. The other issue is the question of whether this team can actually get much better. Most but not all the improvement came from better play together, not improving rookies. Chambers put up huge numbers but was still erratic. I'm more inclined to believe a few years of five hundred and then fading again.

                New York Giants - They're are still some huge holes on this team. Demps, Madison, and McQuarters are upgrades merely because the secondary was so awful last year. If the two defensive ends don't get as much rush as last year there are going to be huge problems on defense. Noone on that team who will play more than four games can cover a tight end either. Elis late season regression has to be a concern.
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