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  • Reidman
    I have a friend who's brother-in-law works the grounds at Lambeau..(I'm not sure of his exact duties). Anyway, my friend got passes right down on the field and he took a bunch of pictures of the field and team. I was pretty envious. He said if I wanted he might be able to hook me up with the same passes down on the field. I haven't heard anything about that in a while but you just reminded me to ask him about it. That would be a 'once in a lifetime' experience to go see Favre and the Pack in what is presumeably his last season.

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  • rcsodak
    started a topic Lambeau


    If you've never seen've got to get there.
    What a site!
    It's like a small mall inside....I can't imagine what it's like during a game, as it echoes just with a few people inside.....

    ...I'm up here for training and since it's just down the road, my 'local' roomy suggested we see it.
    It's quite the place...with Curly(player/coach/owner) and Vince standing outside the doors.....and all of the memorabilia inside...and bars....and shops...and an ice cream shop...

    ...hell, they even had a wedding reception inside....which ruined my perception of wisconsin girls...... ...quite the lookers.

    Its hard to fathom parking all the vehicles necessary to fill the stadium, since they lost 6000 parking spots when they fixed it up....but I hear fans pay homeowners to allow them to park on their front yards......

    BTW.....they didn't seem to have any JWalker jersey's in the pro shops......bummer.