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Trouble in Patriot Land?????

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  • Trouble in Patriot Land?????

    Could there be trouble in Patriot Land?

    Belichick silent on Brady's absence
    / Associated Press
    Posted: 2 hours ago

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) - Tom Brady missed his third straight practice on Monday, but New England coach Bill Belichick didn't say why his quarterback was absent from Patriots training camp.

    "Guys that aren't out here, it's either because of their practice routine or they are day-to-day," he said.

    He wouldn't reveal which reason applied to Brady.

    "We don't do the individual report," Belichick said. "That comes during the regular season when we do the injury reports."

    Brady was listed as probable on the injury report all last season and played every game. He participated in all four practices on Friday and Saturday, the first two days of camp, but missed Sunday's single session and both of Monday's practices.

    That left No. 2 quarterback Matt Cassel to play a bigger role. He is entering his second season after seeing little playing time at Southern California.

    "Matt has gotten a lot of work through the spring and in training camp," Belichick said. "He's done some good things. There are some other things he could do better, but that's training camp. He's working hard. That's what counts."

    He was less forthcoming when asked about how Brady has looked in camp.

    "We're not going to get into big evaluations of players," Belichick said. "I think all the players are trying to get back into their timing and their routine and that goes for everybody."

    The holdout of Deion Branch, Brady's top wide receiver, reached its fourth day Monday. He wants a new contract in the fifth and final year of his original deal and is subject to a $14,000 fine for each day he misses camp.

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    HAHAHAHA now thats funny, good job Tom


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      He's pregnant with Dan Graham's baby...


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        He's having hemorrhoid surgery.


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          His goat died. He's very distraught. Rumour has it he was seen trolling goat farms in the area with a very large tub of vasoline and tears streaming down his face.

          Al Davis leads yet another squad to the brink of mediocrity.

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            from KFFL. . . . .

            Patriots | Brady just resting a sore arm?
            Mon, 31 Jul 2006 22:42:51 -0700

            Tom E. Curran, of the Providence Journal, reports New England Patriots QB Tom Brady (sore arm) sat out both practices Monday, July 31, resting his arm after working it hard for the first four practices of camp. Brady will almost assuredly be back on the field Tuesday evening, Aug. 1, when the Patriots hold an in-stadium practice that's open to season-ticket holders.

            from PFT:

            WHERE'S BRADY?

            One of the basic realities of coach Bill Belichick's tight-lipped approach to player injuries is that the absence of information will invite, at times, speculation as to whether a perfectly healthy guy is having some type of an issue.

            In the case of quarterback Tom Brady, who has missed several days of training camp practice, Belichick's refusal to give anything other than a vague non-answer regarding Brady's whereabouts undoubtedly will heighten tensions in New England until the fans see number 12 doing all of the things on the field that he has done over the past several years.

            And although Brady participated in offseason workouts with no obvious complications from surgery to repair a sports hernia that Belichick successfully concealed for the bulk of the 2005 season, there can be issues that manifest themselves slowly, such as a torn labrum. (See Birk, Matt.)

            So, for now, we're assuming that Brady's absence isn't the result of anything good.
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              It is not that bad. I wish Brady to only not play well.

              As for Bruschi. He has now a possible broken wrist?
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                Another Injury In Patriot Land

                I just read on the Patriots website that Teddy Bruschi fractured a bone in his wrist. What is in the water up there? Too bad it happened to a good guy. Sucks to be a Patriot.
                QB with Cannon Arm- check
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                Sounds more like the military
                rather than the 2007 SB CHAMPS


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                  Guess things aren't starting out too well for them.


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                    Just trying to phsyche other teams out by making them believe he won't be able to play. No need to get alarmed Brady will play in every game.