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Jason Allen 1 step closer to signing!!

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  • Jason Allen 1 step closer to signing!!

    Allen One Step Closer to Signing?
    August 04, 2006
    [Miami Herald] The major obstacle in the Jason Allen negotiations is no longer the number of years each side wants to agree upon, agent Mitch Frankel said Friday, but rather the total package of the deal.

    'We've discussed both a five-year and a six-year contract and we would be willing to do a six-year contract,'' Frankel said. ``The hold-up now is not the length of the contract. We just haven't been able to agree on the overall terms.''

    It is clear that Frankel expects more money to sign a six-year deal than what the Dolphins are offering.

    Frankel said that talks continue, ''not every day, but we talk often.''

    Lets get this guy into camp already!! He will be our starting Free Safety this year

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    That should make my Dolphin happy


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      Best DB in the draft, because he's from Tennessee.

      Sorry, you can not add yourself to your own ignore list.


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        Originally posted by Jaws
        That should make my Dolphin happy
        indeed it will.