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  • Jacobs could get the axe

    Notebook: Jacobs could get the axe

    By: Jim Wexell
    Date: Aug 7, 2006

    LATROBE – Quarterback Omar Jacobs must improve his grasp of the offense or the fifth-round pick will be cut in favor of Shane Boyd. That’s what sources at training camp are saying, and the revelation has nothing to do with Steelers coach Bill Cowher using Boyd ...

    ... Boyd instead of Jacobs with the second team in the one-minute drill that ended Monday’s practice.

    Cowher explained that Boyd and yesterday’s first-team, one-minute quarterback, Charlie Batch, will likely play quarterback at the end of each half Saturday in the preseason opener at Arizona.

    “We’ll try to give Omar one before the week’s out,” Cowher said. “More than likely it’ll be those two young kids in the second half of some of these games coming up.”

    Fans should take it as a warning because Jacobs in particular is struggling with the offense.

    “It’s like learning a new language,” he said. “You go into Spanish class for the first time and you’re like, huh? Then you slowly, gradually learn.

    “It’s a lot of motion and formation changes; that’s the main thing. Then you have to play with new guys for the first time so you have to get their timing down, and offense is timing. Ben [Roethlisberger] and Hines [Ward] are on the same page; they know where each other’s going to be at all times. A backup quarterback is kind of judging when his receiver’s going to come out of his route. It’s hard to get the timing right now.”

    Jacobs is a big, strong quarterback with a lightening-quick release. The coaching staff considered him a valuable prospect coming into camp, but because of his difficulty understanding the offense he’s in danger of falling behind Boyd, the quarterback whose only pro experience occurred last spring in NFL Europe.

    “The real tough part for me is trying to say the long plays verbatim back to them in the huddle,” Jacobs said. “That’s throwing me off my game, too. It’s tough. You say the long play; then you have to remember what you said, who’s doing what and when they’re doing it. Then you have to remember to take the right steps, the right progressions. You just shake your head, like, man.”

    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Or is the tunnel pitch black?

    “No, somebody poked a little hole in it,” he said. “They poked a little hole and I see a little daylight. It’s there but I’m far from it.”

    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?

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    Hey legend111 did you hear that? What's up with your boy?

    legends111's post

    Originally posted by legend111
    Omar jacobs, VINCE YOUNG, MARCUS VICK (Did you know Vick played up againts more top defensive prospects then any rookie qb, tripple the amount lineheart did and including number 1 draft pick who he beat.)


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      Man! dont remind me of that thread this is what I replied to the legend guy. Is he even still around?

      Originally posted by NBudris
      First.. Welcome to the threads.

      By the second paragraph... we all know you are a Pats fan. You are pretty upset I am sure the Broncos beat them in the playoffs.

      Ok, in your 3rd paragraph you mention a great QB can perform well under pressure. It is a very important thing that seperates some great QB's and the elite. I understand how you can put that towards Plummer because he has choked in playoff games and has not gone all the way.

      Jay Cutler is coming out of school from playing under pressure every given play. Playing a huge game every gamea because of the different ability with talent on the oposing team.

      You mention 4th down.. and Vince Young. Mcnabb and Big Ben have not shown that ability as of yet. Vince young showed 1 4th down conversion when he "ran" it in for the TD at the rose bowl. Going by 4th downs and a two minute drive see Cutler in his final game against Tenn.

      On your next paragraph I am reading I am starting to think not just that you do not understand football... and most likly jumped on the Pats Bandwagon after they won there last superbowl.. now losing that game and the prev. one to the Broncos.. Barley winning the one before that (which you will not remember because you were not a pats fan then) w/oneal screwing up field position etc.,

      This thread should be in smack area.

      Or you were that Pat's person that was banned off of here and abset off of that?

      It is not the ONLY reason why a the team won the game.. It's because Brady can't play against the broncos D plain and simple.. not just this hyear and the years before. If I recall it goes all the back to the first AFL game. Also you guys got wooped by GB and we ended up beating them in the superbowl.

      K next paragraph you are talking about Cutlers record so not just that you do not know about NFL you do not understand a NCAA. Great you watched one game with Cutler and I would say he very rarly had a huge gap and a pretty awful offensive line. Also it sounds like you havnt seen a highlight yet. A combine that measures pressure?? you are an idiot.. Scouts measure a persons improvement ability under pressure through out there college career and well everything..

      Your best QB's Omar Jacobs Marcus Vick over Clemmons and Croyle OK..

      Vince young, Marcus vick, and Lienart had pretty good teams and talant around with Texas and USC with maybe the best in NCAA.

      Going back to under pressurre your best QB Marcus.. I guess you didn't see the sorry as Miami game.. Miami was not that great of a team compaired but you want to talk about INT's OUCH

      Wide outs well it was a pretty bad year regarding WR's

      W/ your TE's and Pope there is a reason why he droped so far.. and your pats got the better TE from that school in Watson.. but again you don't know about football

      By Pats fan... I think you need to change the source you read about NFL on because you really don't understand the measure of a persons ability as well as a teams


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        Originally posted by NBudris
        Man! dont remind me of that thread this is what I replied to the legend guy. Is he even still around?
        Haha. Yeah that thread was pretty funny. I think he started another thread similar to the one you responded to not too long ago. Who knows if he's still around.


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          Originally posted by legend111
          jake plummer and jake cutler suck
          His last post was 2 days ago and this was in the Cafe


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            Originally posted by legend111
            who other then jacobs was drafted from bowling green.
            Originally posted by legend111
            I WOULD rather have Omar Jacobs then Jay Cutler. Omar will have better preseason performance then Cutler.
            Originally posted by legend111
            Omar jacobs a true first rounder he will have best rookie QB performance next to young.
            Originally posted by legend111
            LOL your very funny, but I would rather wait to see what you after preseason after Omar out plays Cutler
            Then about 4 before The rest are a ll about talking smack about Broncos