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    Alright, this is in Other NFL Teams, not smack, just as a reminder for people.

    Now then, from watching the Hall of Fame game against Philly, aside from the Eagle's dominant first drive, the play of the Oakland QBs really stuck out to me. They have a great receiving option in Randy Moss, and another solid target at the moment in Porter, but I think that may not matter a whole lot.

    Aaron Brooks was 1-3 with 1 TD and 1 INT, and his mobility was hardly useful with the way his offensive line protected him. He didn't look altogether to great.

    Andrew Walter lost his grip on the ball a number of times. There were a few passes here it looked like the ball just slipped out of his hand without being hit or anything. He certainly didn't impress me.

    Now, it's only been one pre-season game, so it's still too early to really tell, but I think the Raiders QBs may make their WRs' talent a moot point.

    Does anyone think the Raiders will get to a .500 season given the play of their offensive line and QB situation?
    RIP Darrent Williams

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    They won't get to .500 but they will shock the world by winning 6 games.


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      I think this season is going to be another brutal slap in the face for the Raiders fans. Not even the mobile Kerry Collins is going to get this offense running. With Porter on the way out, Randy Moss is going to fetch double-teams all the time now. The O-Line will open up wide to teams with blitz happy Defenses (Gun loves to blitz). Lamont Jordan is nothing more than a "good enough to get by" rusher. He never saw a lot of playing time in NY for a reason.

      Aaron Brooks looks like he's uninterested in becoming an accurate passer and just slings the ball. Corners like Ty Law and Champ Bailey are going to eat him alive if he continues this.

      Andrew Walter looked like he had a case of stage freight to me. He was very shaky in the pocket and dumped a lot of passes off too early. I think he has the tools to become a good QB for the Raiders, but not with that O-Line.

      That O-Line is going to get anyone behind the center mauled this year and the Defense will not be any better IMO. The Raiders will be fighting for a 6-10 record this year and will be lucky to make .500.


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        I actually think that the Raiders could be kind of scary this year. They do have some really good weapons on offense.

        Their defense doesn't look too great on paper....but there could be an addition by subtraction by getting rid of malcontents such as Chuck Woodson.