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Dante Hall hoping this is the comeback year?

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    Originally posted by Pipes7
    I know what he was referring to......

    However, with KC's pathetic wr corps...and Hall's athleticism....I think saying he can touch the ball between 5-10 times ONLY is harsh.

    Everyone knows about KC's losses in the ol and running the ball MIGHT be harder this year.

    If it is, then I would think that Dante's abilities should be maxxed out this year.
    No, IMO Dante Hall is the worse WR in the NFL(3rd WR or better). He doesnt run routes well, he cant catch, and he doesnt understand how to read coverages. But he does have the raw talent, but that can only take you so far.

    I want him fresh, and if you make it a goal to get him the ball, you then disrupt your rythem with unneeded plays and failures. He is good with a couple touches a game, but he doenst need to be imvolved all the time like he is now.
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      Originally posted by GridironChamp
      Just a little link here on a local sports radio station.


      I really hope he comes back to being a big playmaker again, we need it this year. :dance:
      He hasent done anything in so long , maybe he has been putting so much effort in trying to be a better wr that he has lost his focus on returning Kicks.
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