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Dolphins' RB Morris suspended 4 games

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  • Dolphins' RB Morris suspended 4 games

    Ronnie Brown's backup RB has been suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the NFL steroid policy.

    Details on this are hazy, and I'm sure more will come out, but this sounds like another suspension for ephedra. Now, I know that ephedra was added to the policy because of the fact that it was temporarily banned by the government and the heatstroke related death of a few players a while back... I guess the question is, is ephedra really that bad? I mean, sure, it helps players keep unwanted pounds off, but in terms of enhancing strength, it's certainly of little use.

    Now that ephedra's legal for private use once more, does the punishment fit the crime?
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    Ephedra causes the opening of bronchial airways, it also increases the amount of times your heart beats a minute. I think it's more dangerous for an athlete to use because of the added stress on these airways and heart. In the end, these guys know it's illegal in the NFL, and should know what they are putting in their bodies. To these guys, it's a weight cutter, but they don't know the long term effects that ephedra has on their bodies.
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