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  • TO taken to hospital (merged)

    Read TO went to the hospital today.
    Part i liked is it says they tried to induce vomitting.
    I wonder if that is due to him being so full of sh*t...LOL


    DALLAS Terrell Owens was taken to the emergency room for an undisclosed reason Tuesday night.

    A Dallas television station is reporting doctors are treating the Dallas Cowboys receiver and were trying to induce vomiting.

    Owens is already recovering from a broken bone in his ring finger. But Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said Tuesday he might start Owens Sunday against Tennessee if he practices this week.

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    If they are trying to induce vomiting, that means he obviously ate something he wasn't supposed to.

    Some things you aren't supposed to vomit though, such as gasoline or some chemicals.

    Perhaps he took too many pills? Ate a poisonous plant? Who knows.


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      Originally posted by cinnamunmun
      If they are trying to induce vomiting, that means he obviously ate something he wasn't supposed to.

      Some things you aren't supposed to vomit though, such as gasoline or some chemicals.

      Perhaps he took too many pills? Ate a poisonous plant? Who knows.

      A lot of poisons they do not encourage vomiting, but than again many do.....Could it be alcohol?


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        Wait it says on click here that it was a reaction to painkillers for his hand.


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          The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more.

          looks like attempted suicide, but i'm sure there will be a lot more info on this story to come. i've always suspected t.o. might have some kind of mental issue - specifically, he seems to react to things like a child would. but this is the first time i've ever felt bad for the guy.
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            Terrell Owens Suicide Attempt

            Looks likr T.O. attempted suicide last night...

            Here is --

            Police report: Owens hospitalized after suicide attempt
   news services

            Terrell Owens


            DALLAS -- Flamboyant Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens attempted suicide by overdosing on pain medication, even putting two more pills into his mouth after fire rescue personnel arrived, The Associated Press reported Wednesday citing a police report.

            A Dallas police report released Wednesday morning said Owens told rescue workers "that he was depressed." The report was first released by WFAA-TV.

            The rescue worker "noticed that [his] prescription pain medication was empty and observed [Owens] putting two pills in his mouth,'' the police report said.

            The worker attempted to pry them out with her fingers, then was told by Owens that before this incident he'd taken only five of the 40 pain pills in the bottle he'd emptied. The worker then asked Owens "if he was attempting to harm himself, at which time [he] stated, 'Yes.'"

            Owens was taken to the emergency room Tuesday night. A source close to Owens told ESPN's Ed Werder early Wednesday morning that Owens was suffering an adverse reaction to painkillers taken for treatment of his fractured hand.

            "This is not serious," Owens' publicist Kim Etheridge said in Wednesday's online edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

            A report earlier Tuesday stated that Owens would practice with the team Wednesday and possibly play Sunday at Tennessee, but his availability this week and beyond is now uncertain.

            Doctors treating the Dallas Cowboys receiver were trying to induce vomiting when he arrived at Baylor Medical Center, according to a television report.

            Owens was brought by a fire rescue crew to the hospital, Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT reported, citing sources the television station did not identify. A reporter for the station later said she saw Owens being wheeled down the hall.

            Calls from The Associated Press to Owens' agent, his publicist and the Cowboys were not immediately returned Tuesday night. The hospital told the AP that they do not have a patient registered by Owens' name; however, federal privacy laws allow people to block their name from being released.

            No teammates or Cowboys officials were seen entering the hospital late Tuesday night.

            Owens fractured the fourth metacarpal bone in the Cowboys' victory over the Washington Redskins and underwent surgery on Sept. 18. The next day, a plate was screwed in, protecting the bone so it can heal without further damage.

            Cowboys coach Bill Parcells mentioned in a press conference shortly thereafter that pain medication had made Owens ill, apparently making this the second time he has had an adverse reaction. The incident that sent him to the hospital Tuesday night apparently occurred sometime after Owens took medication after catching passes at the Cowboys' facility on Tuesday.

            On Tuesday, the Cowboys also practiced without tight end Jason Witten, whose wife was having a baby. Wide receiver Terry Glenn practiced, albeit with several stitches in his thumb.

            "He was trying to cut some tape off his uniform," Parcells said. "He had his hand down in his pants and he missed. Fortunately he cut his hand."

            With the Cowboys having had a bye last weekend, Owens could return without having missed a game. Before Tuesday's late developments, Owens said he would play Oct. 8, when he gets to face his former team, the Eagles, in Philadelphia.

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              T.O. suicide?

              Attempted to o d on pills. That's what i'm hearing.. discuss futher.
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                i heard the same, whats up with that?


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                  there's a better thread that should be moved to moved...


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                    Ya thats what I hear. The news said he injested 35 pain killer pills. It sounds like he was down and wanted to end it by killing himself.


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                      ah-ha, that's why i'm on practice squad..


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                        this kinda makes sense, he has always tried so hard to get all the attention which is a sign of several disorders/depression. Sorry to hear that he has actually gotten to that state where he would want to do this, but the story is pretty vauge it doesnt say enough to judge whether he was serious about it or not, if you want to die im sure you can think of way to be alone for an hour eat the pills and fall asleep. I realize its a brain disorder but how bad can to's life really be? But I hope he recovers and continues to cause the cowboys problems.


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                          TO and Suicide attempt

                          I just read online about TO's suicide attempt by over dosing on pain medication. What's up with this guy? He is such a great player and I used to want him on our team. I just hope the media reports are false or it is not another attempt by him to get media attention.


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                            Thank you Shanny for not getting T.O. and getting Walker instead.

                            He is such a distraction to any team and this I think puts it over the top. There are reports now that he won't play for Dallas the remainder of the season. Could this be the end of T.O. in the NFL? He is getting up in age and if Dallas lets him go after this year I just do not see anyone picking him up now. He wanted to commit suicide, he might just have..... to his NFL career. I think he should walk away from the game and focus on his life. I do hope he gets better, a little sad.
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                              Suicide is serious. You don't accendently take 35 painkilling pills or do it as a publicity stunt. When you try to kill yourself you try to kill yourself. Even if it was some kind of publicity stunt the fact that he did it and that there are better ways to get attention shows there is some kind of mental illness weither it be from depression or whatever.

                              I'm listening to the Herd on ESPN radio right now and what really bothers me is that a majority of people (I think like 70%) thinks it's a publicity stunt. The only reason people think that is because it's T.O or because it's the way he went about it. They keep saying if he wanted to realy kill hisself that he would put a gun to his head and end it. Even so if part of that is true there is no guarrentte that he would've live through it. People forget that there are tons of ways you can die you just have to pick your posion (no pun intended).

                              Or maybe he does want to do it he was just to afraid to so he tried doing something that he would have a possiblity of living through it. Something might have been holding him back from going the guarrented way. Could be that he's trying to show there is something wrong with him but know how to express it.

                              Basicaly, if it's someone else people would be simpitatic and he would get all the help in the world. I find it kind of sad that people can't just accept it as someone who has some mental issues and doesn't know the best way to deal with it.
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