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KC's Hall ties KO record

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    Originally posted by Tracker
    I am not going to take anything away from KC.

    As a 49er fan I take in to account

    1. We came off a very physical game with Philly going into this game
    2. We are still very young and have a ways to go
    3. You guys were at home with 2 weeks to do nothing but prep for us.

    All in all I would have been shocked if KC did not beat the piss out of us. At any rate, congratulations on your win. I am glad there were not significant injuries on either side.
    Beat the Raiders while they're still down for all of us.


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      Originally posted by TonyGFortheTD
      Beat the Raiders while they're still down for all of us.
      Originally posted by kcvet
      amen to that bro. I think you play the faders next week??? you should get a W. luck.

      That is the plan. :thumb:

      Tracker - Bleeding Red and Gold till the day I die.


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        Originally posted by sneakers
        Congrats to him!!! He is pretty darn good.

        How come they hardly ever use him as wide receiver?
        They save him for returning duties since they get scored on so much.
        My real guess is blocking, it's big when your a running team.


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          Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69
          He darlin' how are ya? Spanking the 49ers like that was almost expected by all. Still looking forward to our rematch.
 are you? Yes that rematch oughta be good esp on T-giving day!!!
          Tony G

          The Chefs