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I'm now a on the Bears Bandwagon

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    Originally posted by MindField
    In the NFC, anything is possible....but I just can't get the image of Carolina throwing deep on them. If you get a team with some pass protection and deep receivers, and the QB gets time, they can be beat deep. Their Secondary is questionable, as the Panthers showed everyone last year, and if you are the Bears, you hae to hope Ricky Manning, Jr. is the answer...

    I still think if the Seahawks get healthy, they will beat the Bears in the Playoffs. Last nights game was skewed because the Seahawks did not have Shawn Alexander. That was a HUGE deal for them....the Playoffs are a different story.

    Also, the Bears will get fat on bad teams this season. You have to wonder if that will hurt them when they face the better teams in the Playoffs...

    It's funny you mention that because Michaels and Madden said people would say this and would be completely wrong. The seahawks played horrible on both sides of the ball and even if they did have Shaun Alexander he would make little to no difference in the game. Regardless whether or not I agree with them, I do agree that Chicago just played good all around football last night.