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Haynesworth suspended for 5 games

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    He should have had criminal charges put on him. What he did wasn't part of the game. He stepped on his head and gave a giant cut. What if that would have hit his eye? That could have ended the other mans career. Does anyone remember a couple years ago at the Avs game the assault that happened? How is this any different?
    RIP Darrent Williams
    You know the difference between winners and losers?

    Ya the score.



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      Originally posted by BroncoFanCam
      Haynesworth to be sued???

      Gurode playing the waiting game now:
      Adam Schefter

      (Oct. 2, 2006) -- The NFL made its call, suspending Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth for five games without pay for stomping on Dallas offensive lineman Andre Gurode, and now Haynesworth is trying to make his own call.

      Haynesworth spent part of Monday trying to get Gurode's telephone number so the Titans lineman could call and personally apologize for his egregious behavior during Sunday's game.

      A person close to Gurode, who spoke with him Monday, said the Cowboys lineman is receptive to Haynesworth's telephone call, but he has one question.

      "He just keeps asking, 'Why did the dude did it?'" the person close to Gurode said Monday. "That's what he wants to know."

      Once Gurode hears Hayneworth's explanation, he then will decide whether or not to file a criminal complaint with the Tennessee District Attorney's office. "Andre hasn't ruled anything out," the person close to Gurode said early Monday evening.

      A spokeswoman from the office said Monday she had not heard from Gurode, nor any of his representatives, and her office would not launch a criminal investigation unless it did.

      Meanwhile, Gurode had other more pressing matters to deal with Monday. He spent the day meeting with a plastic surgeon, being apprised of the best ways to deal with the seven lacerations and 30 stitches that Haynesworth left him with. It is still possible that his client could play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

      Gurode, just like a pending lawsuit, hasn't been ruled out. At least not as of Monday night, prior to the telephone conversation between Gurode and Haynesworth.

      But clearly, Haynesworth has some explaining to do. In 2002, he dropped to the 15th overall selection on the basis of the character questions that some teams had about him. At Tennessee, Haynesworth was known to get frustrated and toss around his helmet.

      Then, in the last week of the 2003 season, Haynesworth exchanged heated words with backup Titans backup offensive tackle Matt Martin before hitting him in the back of the head. Head coach Jeff Fisher screamed at Haynesworth, and the verbal sparring continued in Fisher's office after practice. Fisher placed Haynesworth on the inactive list for the Week 17 game versus Tampa Bay.

      This past May, Haynesworth was involved in a road rage incident, but those charges later were dismissed.

      Explaining his client's behavior, Haynesworth's agent, Chad Alan Speck said: "Albert's had some minor incidents over his career that were not unlike other incidents that other players have had. Anybody who knows Albert knows he's not a thug, not a bad person."

      Haynesworth now will have a big price to pay, way beyond the $190,070 he will lose in fines -- $38,014 for each of the five games he will miss -- from this suspension.
      Thanks for posting that. Andre has been one of my favorite Buffs, now in the NFL. He helped spearhead the offensive line that pancaked the Nebraska black shirts, allowing Chris Brown to score 6 rushing touchdowns.