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    Take a look at some of theese NFL defences with young players on the rise

    In 2010 i believe that the three top defences will be (no particular order):

    - Houston Texans

    Dunta Robinson (5'10, 174)-----> Sam Madison (5'11, 183)

    Mario Williams (6'7, 294)-----> Julious Peppers (6'7, 283)

    DeMeco Ryans (6'1, 235)-----> Al Wilson (6'0, 240)

    The Houston Texan defence is filled with young talent, and in a few years Kubiak will have this team playing some awesome D! If Mario Williams emerges as the pass rusher we all expect him to be then Dunta Robinson would benifit dramaticaly! Dunta Robinson might be the best CB in the enitre NFL in a few years, with the pressure being allpied by Mario; Dunta should be able to make a lot more plays than years past. DeMeco Ryans could be the rookie of the year this year, he is doing the exact same thing Jonathan Vilma did 2 years ago, look for Ryans too step up as the leader of the defence and start showing some toughness like Al Wilson.

    - Cleveland Browns

    Liegh Bodden (6'1, 192)-----> Champ Bailey (6'0, 192)

    Kamerion Wimbley (6'3, 245)-----> Jorry Porter (6'4, 250)

    Sean Jones (6'1, 215)-----> Brian Dawkins (6'0, 210)

    The Clevland Browns have been one of the worst teams over the past few years; but that shall all change very soon. The Browns all a vast amount of young stars on defence and even one on offence (Braylon Edwards), but this is about defence so lets talk about there youthfull D. First we got Liegh Bodden, he has shut Chad Johnson down twice and looks like he could be an elite CB in the NFL. Also, in the same Browns backfield they have Sean Jones whos a big play making safty; Jones can make the big hit or take a pick to the house, hes also looking like a leader out there therefore being compared to Brian Dawkins. Then there is Kamerion Wimbley, hes in the exact mold as a Joey Porter and it looks like he will be a QB killer for years to come.

    - Denver Broncos

    DJ Williams (6'1, 242)-----> Takeo Spikes (6'2, 242)

    Darrent Williams (5'8, 188)-----> Dre Bly (5'9, 188)

    Elvis Dummervil (5-11, 250)-----> Dwight Freeny (6'0, 265)

    The Denver Broncos already have one of the top defences in the league. But with some of their players aging (Lynch, Bailey, Wilson) it looks like they have a lot of young talent to replace them. DJ Williams bursted on too the NFL scene a few years ago and would have been the rookie of the year if it wasnt for Jonathan Vilma. DJ has blazing speed and good linbacker smarts. Darrent Williams is probally one of the fastest CBs in the NFL as it is right now, hes a little small but he using his smarts to kncok down and pick of passes at thier highest point. Elvis Dummervil, hes probally one of the smallest Defensive lineman to ever play the game, but hes got one thing...speed! Elvis isnt an everydown DE, but he can still easilly pick up 10-15 sacks a year!

    Just some thoughts!

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    Hey CP to you good stuff. However, i think that there is alot more to a defence than 3 players.


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      yea i know man

      but like imo all thoose guys are potiental all-stars!