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Hasselbeck hurt again

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  • Hasselbeck hurt again;_yl...v=st&type=lgns

    Be interesting to see how this is handled. bad luck to the guy though.
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    "He suffered the injury when he banged his hand against a helmet"

    Can this go right up there with Griese breaking a toe tripping over a dog?
    Ready for the friggen season already!


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      Thanks y2cragie...
      This might be worthy that they'll allow it to be posted in General Discussion.
      Non throwing hand he can still throw, but still will hurt taking those snaps. Broncos also have to prepare for Wallace just in case.
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        That Superbowl hangover curse is doing everything it can to take away from the Seahawks.

        The crappy ass NFC West is doing everything it can to give it back though.
        You've got to know when to sack em...


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          "He's fine," smirking, playful coach Mike Holmgren said Wednesday, before marveling at breathless reports over Hasselbeck's minor injury that began circulating Seattle late Tuesday.

          "Goodness gracious. I mean, I'd be the last one to be critical of these Watergate-type investigative reporters, because I think that was a very important time in our history. It was important that story came out.

          "This, however, is not one of those situations. ... So in an effort to 'break the big one,' I am going on record saying this is not that big a deal. OK?

          "Golly sakes."
          Golly sakes guys, he's fine.