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    Originally posted by Juggernaught
    Wow, I have to admit I was wrong about him and so were all the talking heads I listen to. From what I have seen so far he is coming along real nice. I guess all this grading of players in the combine and scouts means nothing once again. Just because you are fast or strong does not mean you can play football.
    Micheal Vick was up for MVP his first NFL season. I don't see Vince Young being anything special in years to come. Mike Vick came back down to earth, and so with Young. His lacking ability to pass and read defenses will start to show, just as it does for everyone.


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      Only, he doesn't really lack in the passing/reading defenses department. He certainly still has development to do reading D's but he's not exactly bad at it now. Doesn't make a lot of mistakes in the passing game even as a rookie. And mentally he's different than Vick, he's a guy who strives to get better.. Vick apparently doesn't quite have that.